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How do you bring summer in your office?

You can "book" your office chair with your beach towel, but it's not the same as on holiday. Drinking cocktails while working isn't such a good idea, just as going to a meeting in your swimsuit. But how do you turn your office into a pleasant working environment during the summer months?

2017-07-27 14:02 3 minutes read

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AUSY Pitch Night

At AUSY, we don't only feel good about our work. We're also proud of our employees. Especially when they create great projects.

That's why we organize "AUSY goes startups". During this evening, (former) AUSY Belgium employees will tell you more about their startups. They will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, but you will also find out more about the technical side of the projects.

Where? AUSY Belgium (DataFlow & ONE Agency), Esperantolaan 8 3001 Heverlee, Belgium

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Systems and Networks



Wanted: an IT lifesaver

What makes someone a real IT lifesaver? Making people happy by solving large and small problems. Een belangrijke eigenschap van een échte redder in IT-nood? Mensen gelukkig maken door grote en kleine problemen weg te nemen. That is exactly what a Support Engineer does: helping our clients with technical issues. You can read all about it here! 




Onsite Support Engineer with attractive work regime

The Onsite Supprt Engineer will gain experience in an international environment. You are the point of contact in case of various hard- and software problems.

Business & IT


Employee / Freelancer

Master of Scrum

As Scrum Master you guard the entire scrum process. On top of that you guide your team of Jedi as a true Joda. You use the Force to implement and improve existing Agile processes. A match you are?

Business & IT



B2B Infrastructure Project Manager

You know exactly where you want to go with your project and how to get there. Moreover, you easily get everyone on the same page: your team, but definitely the client as well. Client contacts are extremely important in this job. Do you also have experience with infrastructure and network projects (in the telecom industry)? Then let’s set sail!




2nd line Support Engineer who’s bad at sports

Bad at sports? Yes, because you offer assistance from a distance! No running from here to there, no sweaty armpits, no shortness of breath and no red face: you help end-users from behind your desk. You can leave your sport shoes (assuming you have a pair) and deodorant at home! Are you up for it?

Hello! Did you know us?

Ellen cannot live without her sweet dog, Stephane needs fast food on a regular basis to keep on functioning and if you take volleyball away from Jolien, you will definitely be in trouble. And the rest of us?

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